Photos 2018

Lunch at the Metropole Hotel, Llandridod Wells
(last summer’s day of 2018 – mid November!)

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Visit to the Morgan Factory

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Club Show July 2018 – Discovery Centre

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AGM 2018

Some of our committee

17-18 committee table

Club members, many had lunch here at the Discovery Centre

2018 AGM members

 IMGP6332 IMGP6334 IMGP6386 IMGP6390 IMGP6399 IMGP6420 IMGP6424 IMGP6427 IMGP6428

Tim & Raye’s South Africa trip, Feb 2018

We visited the Franschoek classic car museum. A good display of very well restored Chevrolets, ’51 through to ’59, plus a few others.

IMG_4991 IMG_4992 IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_4998 IMG_4999

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