Data Protection and Privacy

The Knighton Historic Vehicle Club is fully UK GDPR compliant. By signing the joining form or membership renewal form, members agree to receive the services offered by the club. These include joining in with events such as trips & tours, socials, and notifications about local non-club events. Involvement may include descriptions and photographs of vehicles (possibly number plates) and of people taking part in events.

Our activities are communicated via the club Newsletter, website, emails, club Facebook page, and hardcopy mailings. It is assumed that the Newsletter and Facebook is public, emails are sent ‘blind copied’ only to current club members, as are hardcopy mailings. To encourage social involvement within the club, members-only information is only available to current members via a password given on address labels of current members, and/or by member emails. Personal information relating to members is made available in the membership-only pages by consent, which may include: names, town, phone number, email address, vehicle(s) make/model/year/colour.

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